Sentiment strength detection for the Social Web

This course will offer an introduction to automatic sentiment analysis in the social web and equip participants to apply this kind of method in appropriate contexts and to understand a range of different approaches for sentiment analysis, although focusing on the SentiStrength application. The course will also discuss the particular problems associated with sentiment analysis in the social web as well as strategies to take advantage of features like emoticons to improve the automatic prediction of online sentiment. The main topics will be:
Introduction to sentiment strength detection: introduction to SentiStrength for short informal text sentiment strength detection, discussion of major issues in sentiment strength detection online and ways to exploit non-standard methods of expressing emotion online.
Sentiment analysis applications: Cross-validation as an evaluation strategy, feature selection and creating a gold standard accuracy measures. Evaluation of SentiStrength and other systems.
Adapting systems for different domains and languages: The importance of domain in sentiment analysis, methods for transferring methods from one domain to another. Domain-independent methods. Language issues and methods to translate a sentiment analysis method from one language to another.


Room 523

July 23

July 24

Campus Catalunya
Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Avinguda Catalunya, 35
43002 Tarragona


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