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The text 'I really love you but dislike your cold sister.'
has positive strength 4 and negative strength -3

Approximate classification rationale: I really love[3] [+1 booster word] you but dislike[-3] your cold[-2] sister .[sentence: 4,-3] [result: max + and - of any sentence][overall result = 1 as pos>-neg] (English)

Positive sentiment strength ranges from 1 (not positive) to 5 (extremely positive) and negative sentiment strength from -1 (not negative) to -5 (extremely negative). The sentiment strength detection results are not always accurate - they are guesses using a set of rules to identify words and language patterns usually associated with sentiment.

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The SentiStrength Windows version results differ slightly (for under 1% of texts for positivity and 1-5% for negativity).

Did SentiStrength get the wrong answer? If you think that it is missing a word or has the wrong score for a word, please email m dot thelwall at wlv.ac.uk with your suggestion. SentiStrength does not always get the right answer and the term weightings sometimes compromise between different common uses of a word. For example, "love" is normally a strong emotion in "I love you" but is moderate in "Love from Mike", neutral in "if you really want me you gotta show me love" and negative in "Love will tear us apart" so the average common strength is used.